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Case Studies: Smart Marketing, Big Returns

When your job is to maximize the return on a marketing investment, your objective is to design and enact precise and cohesive marketing campaigns for our clients. We follow the classic less-is-more and quality-over-quantity saying, with the goal to provide the highest quality products with any budget. Here are three case studies that exhibit aptly-executed marketing strategies similar to what we produce.

Three weeks following its release in theaters, DC’s Wonder Woman has made a profit surpassing four-times its budget. This success is by virtue of smart marketing. The ad campaigns leading up to the premiere were ridiculed for being less abundant than other DC films, such as Suicide Squad. This strategy, however, played in the film’s favor. The marketing team chose quality over quantity, teasing dazzling visuals in the weeks leading up to the premiere without giving too much away. This left audiences wanting more. A lot more. Rather than force-feeding trailer after trailer to the masses, Wonder Woman’s marketing took a more strategic and analytical approach: big unveils at crucial events, such as Wonder Con and Comic Con. Wonder Woman exemplified specific and minimal marketing targeting key audiences to achieve maximum results in profit. That is one of our missions at DCE: providing smart, concise marketing, spending less to achieve the biggest profit possible for our clients. We also can make connections between creators and the A-list filmmakers behind hits such as Wonder Woman.

Who is “The Most Interesting Man in the World?” Dos Equis, over the last 10 years, has attempted to answer that question with their genius ad campaign. Comprised of a catchy hook and dazzling visuals, the Most Interesting Man commercials have boosted the company to a dominating position in the imported beer market. Total growth has risen to 35% since 2007, which is impressive for any beer company (Money). DCE has top-notch storytellers and visual effects wizards in-house, ready to craft the perfect commercial for our clients’ key audiences in a similar manner to Dos Equis’ design. We set out to revitalize our clients as the most interesting, and fortuitous, companies in the market with expert marketing strategies.

One of DCE’s clients,, is a small business that uses a similar strategy for massive growth: eye-catching ads with a concise message for a select audience. 9 leads in 2016 turned into 100 in 2017, a multiple of 11, thanks to targeted marketing accomplished through the proprietary technology we offer.

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